About us

EMO FRITE is a medium sized private owned company. We are a producer of frits and enamels. The company is known for its product quality and business reliability. The structure of employees is based on a high level of qualified technological personnel. Since 1996 we operate in accordance with ISO 9001, which is confirmed by a certificate issued by an international institution BV in London.

Our advantages are: providing constant quality, fast response, short delivery times, a wide selection of products and ensuring of comprehensive after-sales activities.

Main activities of the company are:

  • development of new products and adapting existing products for new customers,
  • production and marketing of:
    • frits and enamels for enamel industry,
    • frits and glazes for ceramic industry,
    • frits for grinding wheels,
    • special frits and glasses and
  • after-sales activities (support at start-up, consulting, service...).

Today we export 90 percent of our products and expertise in over 20 countries worldwide. In addition to the European market we are also present in the markets of Asia, South America and Africa.
Contact data and location
EMO FRITE d.o.o.
Mariborska cesta 86,
3000 Celje, Slovenija

Proizvodnja in skladišče:
Bežigrajska cesta 18,
3000 Celje, Slovenija

T:  + 386 3 5412 261
F:  + 386 3 5419 394
E:  info@emo-frite.si