Is a glassy mass of mostly oxide structure, which is melted in one or more layers on a surface with the intention of anti-corrosion protection, improvement of chemical resistance, appearance and functionality of products.

Today enamels are being used for enameling of:

  • Kitchen cookware
  • Sanitary products (baths, shower baths)
  • Components of stoves and fireplaces
  • Flue pipes
  • Heat exchangers
  • Water heaters
  • Tanks
  • Plates and signs


Ceramic frits in grinding wheels:

Frits are used in bonds for grinding wheels. They are mostly used in ceramic bonds for conventional abrasive grains. Ceramic bonds offer a wide range of the grinding wheel hardness and are heat treated in the temperature range from 900 to 1300°C. These bonds are very useful and appropriate from very rough to finest grinding.

Use of frits is also possible as filling in resin bonds. In this case the frits as glass fibers help creating pores and additionally strengthen the resin bonds.

Some of our frits are also used for bonding of super abrasive grains.

Prepared bonds have same applicability. They are simply pressed together with abrasive grains and the grinding wheel is ready for heat treatment.

Ceramic frits and glazes:

Ceramic frits and glazes create a glass coating for protection on the surface of the clay body. They are used as protection of the products and give them a nice look. Our products are used for:

  • Roof tiles
  • Decorative and practical ceramic (kitchenware, vases, RAKU ware, fireplace tiles)
  • Wall and floor tiles
  • Ceramic technics (plugs, fuses)

The first techniques of enamelling were already known centuries ago in ancient cultures in Egypt, Mesopotamia and ancient Greece. Enamel was mostly used for making of jewelry in decorative art. In the 19. century enamel became very important as anticorrosive protection of steel  in industrial manufactories.

Enamel and glazes are becoming very significant because they give its products numerous excellent features, like:

  • Smooth surface,
  • Firmness and scratch resistance,
  • Durability,
  • Chemical resistance,
  • Microbiological safety,
  • Products are non-flammable
  • The colors do not fade
  • They give the product nice and modern look

The broad range of products that we offer does not only have numerous positive advantages but are also versatilely used.

Frits are glassy material, water-insoluble, which are produced with melting in melting furnaces. Frits are the main raw material for production of enamels and ceramic glazes.

At all stages of production process particular attention is focused on the ecological safety of our products, considering the most sophisticated environmental protection standards, in force worldwide and in individual countries where our products are being exported to. The role of frits in the production of enamels and glazes is extremely important and is irreplaceable, because the different inorganic materials homogenize at the procedure of melting in a glassy mass. This can later on be simply used for production of numerous different enamels and glazes.

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