Enamel for water heaters, ground enamel for gas stoves, red cover enamel for a wonderful cooking pot, ceramic glaze for roof tiles or ceramic frit for bonds for grinding wheels are only a few from our wide range of products  that we offer in our company.

Worldwide known companies from all over the Europe rely on our professional knowledge, qualification and high quality products. With our competitive position in the center of Europe we can provide quick responses and short delivery times. Our company EMO FRITE is a medium sized private owned company. With our long tradition of more than 88 years we realize how important is to be devoted to our customers. For this reason we constantly strive for our customer’s satisfaction and success. Today we export 90 % of our products and expertise in more than 20 countries worldwide. Beside the European market we are also present in the markets of Asia, South America and Africa.

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To strengthen the potential of your products – provide quality, comfort design, durability and usability with our solutions in the area of frits, enamels, glazes and adhesives.


To become a well-established and recognised brand in the marketing, developing and manufacturing of frits-based products.



Adapting to the needs of our customer is our basic guide.


Our work objectives are fulfilled in a high-quality, timely and cost efficient manner.


We are operating in the long term, and maintaining mutual partnerships with all company stakeholders.


To be united by work passion and our products.


To be responsible to ourselves, our company and the environment we care for our customers.

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